The Saint and His Message-At a glance

(From the Publishers of His Holiness Sri 108 Ram Kripalu Das Ji)

His Holiness Swami Ram Kripalu Das Ji was born in Orissa on September 27, 1940. He went in search of his master at sixteen years of age. After some wanderings by way of pilgrimage he reached Uttar Kashi and thence he went to Gomukha to surrender himself at the feet of His Holiness Sri Vishnu Das Ji. After a Tapasya of about ten years in the Himalayas, he descended on a nationwide pilgrimage of the four Dhams. He later settled down at a lower height in Uttar Kashi. Uttar Kashi Ashram was washed away in Ganga floods a few years ago and now His Holiness has taken abode in Maya Kund, Rishikesh, (quite near the ashram of the famous saint HH. Sachchindanand Ashram of Rishikesh).

16-12-1982 The Publishers.

Teachers Co-operative Educational Journals and Publications Ltd., 10, staff Colony, J.N. College Lucknow

To the Divine Mother

“Why do I love you, it is not a question to be answered.

Why do seeds germinate, when they are wet with moisture?

Why do lotuses open, when the sun rises?

Why do little daisies nod their heads,

When the breeze comes and caresses their petals?

Why do children smile, when their mother kisses.”

(Written at Kanya Kumari on Jan. 5, 1979)